Online Banking Security 

Secure Access

  • In order to access Online Banking, you must enter a unique User Identification Number (User ID) and Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Automatic Log Off

  • If you are logged on to Online Banking and do not use it for 10 minutes, the system will automatically log you off.

Account Names

  • Citizens State Bank does not display your account numbers over the Internet. Rather, we allow you to choose a “pseudo name” for each of your accounts, for example: John’s Savings, Home Checking, etc.

PIN Lockout System

  • A PIN Lockout System is in place to keep unauthorized individuals from accessing your account by guessing your PIN. If your PIN is entered incorrectly three times, the user is “locked out” of the system.

Optimum Security

  • Online banking with Citizens State Bank encompasses the highest level of encryption and Internet security. You will want to enhance that security by using the following guidelines to protect your account information.

Citizens State Bank encourages you to protect your account by:

  • Never reveal your password to anyone or leave your password anywhere .
  • Treat your password as your would your checkbook or account number.
  • Select a secure password that no one can guess, but one that you can remember.
  • Change your password on a regular basis.
  • Use the “sign off” button to end each Online Banking session.
  • Close your browser window after exiting Online Banking.
  • Frequently delete your temporary internet files.
  • Balance your account on a regular basis.
  • Notify us immediately if you suspect someone has your login information.

It's Your Lucky Day!

You’ve just won a contest you don’t even remember entering! You got a letter in the mail explaining everything – and a cashier’s check to cover all the taxes and fees. All you have to do is deposit the check and wire some or all of the money back to the sender to pay for the taxes and fees. Once they receive your payment, you’re guaranteed to get the rest of your prize.

The catch – this is a scam.

The check, as convincing as it looks, is counterfeit. The entire contest angle is a scheme to get you to wire money to someone you don’t know. If you deposit the check and wire the money, your bank will soon notify you that the check is counterfeit. And you’re out the money because money you wire cannot be retrieved, and you’re responsible for the checks you deposit – even if you don’t know they are fake. This is just one example of a counterfeit check scam.

Tips to avoid scams

Even though the thought of winning money is tempting, it really is better to be safe than sorry. The following are some 'red flags' that could give you hints that the transaction is not real.

  • You're asked to wire money to someone you don't know.
  • You've never had any association with the sender.
  • You're asked to keep this transaction confidential until after you wire the money.
  • You're instructed to call the sender with your bank account information.

It all boils down to the old adage - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! 

Be Aware

Fraudsters are becoming more and more creative. Recently, there have been reports of telephone tech support scammers calling and claiming to be from a technical support company. They may insist that you purchase software or services from their “company” or give them control of your computer so they might install or scan your computer. Once a fraudster has your personal information and/or access to your computer, both your personal identity and your computer are at risk.

Protect Yourself

To help protect yourself from scams like this do not purchase any software or services from an unsolicited caller. NEVER give control of your computer to a third party unless you can confirm without a doubt that it is a legitimate representative of a company with whom you are already a customer. If you think you may already have been a victim of this type of scam, it is important to change your passwords. There are also free resources you can utilize to scan your computer for malware and other harmful programs that may have been downloaded to your computer. More information about this and other types of scams can be found at

CSB Takes Credit Card Security Seriously

Proactive Measures

  • Citizens State Bank takes the security of your debit card very seriously. That’s why when CSB was notified that some of our cardholders may have been involved in the recent data breaches at major national retailers, CSB took immediate action to replace any cards which may have been involved. Other “behind the scenes” actions were also taken to ensure the safety of our customers’ accounts.

Shazam Falcon Monitoring Program

  • Every CSB Debit Card is protected by a program called Shazam Falcon. Falcon is a state-of-the-art program used to analyze specific factors about each transaction and rate the transaction on the likelihood of being fraudulent. When high-risk transactions occur, Falcon will automatically decline those transactions. A Shazam Fraud Specialist will notify you that a potentially fraudulent transaction has been detected and provide you with the details. If the detected transaction is legitimate, the details will be made part of your card profile for future approval.
  • Keeping track of new fraud scams and adapting quickly is one of the most effective ways to combat fraud. The success of this program relies heavily on the ability to make contact with cardholders. That’s why it is extremely important that Citizens State Bank has up to date contact information for you, such as cell phone numbers.

Take Steps to Protect Yourself

Other tips to help protect yourself from identity theft include;

  1. Never give your personal information to people that you don’t know and trust.
  2. Don’t be taken in by e-mail phishing scams asking for your personal or financial information.
  3. Know who you are dealing with before providing personal information to mail order, telephone, or internet merchants.
  4. Keep your passwords secure and always shred documents containing sensitive information.
  5. Review your bank statement monthly and your credit report annually.

MasterCard® SecureCode™

Guard your card on the web with MasterCard® SecureCode™!

Now you can guard your Citizens State Bank Debit Card with MasterCard® SecureCode™! It’s a private code that gives you added protection against unauthorized use of your card when shopping online. MasterCard® SecureCode™ is a complimentary, online security service to add protection against unauthorized use of your card online. 

To create your MasterCard® SecureCode™, simply visit and follow the onscreen instructions. Just another way Citizens State Bank is working to keep your money safe!