Agricultural Lending

Citizens State Bank truly understands agriculture and the importance of agriculture in our communities. We have been lending to local farmers and ranchers for decades. CSB was there for both good and bad times in the past and will be there for both good and bad times in the future. Farm and ranch financing needs can vary greatly and we are here to help you. From the long-time established producers to the ones just getting started and everyone in between, we're here to serve you. Stop by any of our locations to visit with our lending staff about your agricultural lending needs!

Agricultural Real Estate

Purchasing land is a major decision for any operator which is why working with Citizens State Bank's knowledgeable lending team is so critical. Our lenders have the expertise and understanding necessary to provide you with a loan perfectly tailored for your operation. We offer flexible terms and reasonable rates combined with excellent service. We understand that closing costs only further increase the cost of the land, so it is a priority for us to keep closing costs low. Your loan will be originated at your local branch and maintained by the same lending staff.

Photo: Field with Soybeans

Machinery and Equipment

When the time comes to upgrade your current equipment or expand your fleet, Citizens State Bank is here to help every step of the way! The lending staff can assist you throughout the transaction, allowing you to purchase your equipment from any source and negotiate the purchase as a cash buyer. The flexible terms, competitive rates, and quick turn-around time allow your purchasing and financing experience to best fit your situation.

Photo: Ag Equipment

Agricultural Products and Production

We understand the costs of feeding the world, whether it is by raising livestock or growing crops. Our experienced lenders can provide you with flexible and competitively priced loans to meet your specific needs, as well as structure your loans in a manner that insures a seamless and easy movement of funds from your loan to your checking account as you need it.

Photo: Hay Bales in a Row

4-H and FFA Loan Program

Citizens State Bank is committed to serving the needs of all agricultural customers, including those just beginning their farming operations. Since many of our loan officers are farmers and ranchers, they can help provide area youth insight, financial or otherwise, about making their farming projects a success. 

Photo: Calf with Tongue Out