Fees & Services

Account Related Fees

Fee Description One Time Fee Annual Fee Monthly Fee Per Use Fee Other Fee
Stop Payment $25.00
Dormant Account $5.00 No deposits or withdrawals for one year to an account with less than $25 balance
Check Printing Prices Vary
Duplicate Statement per month $5.00
ATM / POS Fees Per Transaction / Inquiry $1.00 At Foreign ATMs. Additional fees may apply.
ATM / POS Fees Replacement Card if lost $10.00
ATM / POS Fees PIN Replacement $5.00

Other Charges

Fee DescriptionOne Time FeeAnnual FeeMonthly FeePer Use FeeOther Fee
Sweep Fee (per sweep)$2.00
Internet Banking Bill Pay$4.9510 or less transactions per month
Internet Banking Bill Pay (more than 10 transactions per month)$4.95$0.50$.50 per transaction after 10 per month
Incoming Wire Transfer (Domestic)$10.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer (Domestic)$20.00
Incoming Wire Transfer (International)$50.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer (International)$75.00
Check Image$1.00
Non-Customer Check Cashing$1 per $100
Personal Money Order$2.00
Cashiers Check$5.00
Photocopy per Item$0.25
Fax Incoming or Outgoing (1st page)$3.00Each addtional page $1
Escrow - Initial Setup$100.00
Escrow - Monthly Maintenance$10.00
Escrow - Quarterly Maintenance$20.00
Escrow - Semi-Annual Maintenance$30.00
Escrow - Annual Maintenance$40.00
Letter of Credit1% of Amount per Year (min $25)
Checkbook Balancing$20 per hour with $20 minimum
Research$20 per hour with $20 minimum
Zipper Bag$10.00
Locking Bag$25.00
Collection Items$10.00Additional fees may apply.